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4 PACK FRAGRANCE: 1. Jasmine, 2. Rose, 3. Coco 4. Lemon

8 PACK FRAGRANCE: 1. Jasmine, 2. Yashioka Gardenia 3. Sweet Coco 4. Lemon 5. Wild Rose 6. English Pear and Freesia 7. Goji Tarocco Orange 8. Vanilla

HAND POURED/DECORATED: Natural soy wax and essential oil. These scents are achieved using natural botanical fragrances as well as essential oils and will help you to create a comforting ambiance. The wonderful aromas of these candles are long-lasting and great for yoga, meditation, praying. You can also take them to your bathroom and light them while you indulge yourself with a home spa treatment. Ideal for Valentine's day, Birthday and wedding gifts

ESSENTIAL OIL - Our scented candles have natural 7% botanical essential oils to enhance the aroma, which is created for various mood ambience. Hand decorated with various botanical elementals, these showpiece candles will enhance the beauty of a home. Designed for travel, these candles are packed well in can be carried wherever your next travel destination might be

INNOVATIVE CANDLE JAR: Candle jar filled 2.2 Oz soy candles. Candle jars have colorful mandala designs, which can be also used for storing jewelry or coffee beans or indoor plants. Each hand curated candle comes is an elegant mandala decorated gift box pack of 4

BENEFITS: With long lasting candles and pure soy wax, our candles are smokeless and is good indoor use with added benefits such as cleaner burning with no toxins, carcinogens. Relax and relieve your stress with this seasonal candles.

BURN TIME: 20-30 Hrs

Recycling Tin box /Metal can
Once you have burnt until the last ounce of wax of your candle, you can clean the inside of the tin container and use them as pretty organizers for your earrings, rings, clips, and other small stationery items.

Use as wedding favours, Wedding or baby shower return gift, Festive or aromatherapy home spa purposes.

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