The Brand


Indigo Paisley was conceived as a brand that translates traditional embroidery and ornamentation techniques for the luxury, resort wear/loungewear segment.

Utilizing our experience working with luxury brands across Europe and the US we created a brand that showcases techniques that have survived, evolved and embraced by plunderers and rulers over the centuries.

These are techniques that passed on through generations and embody precious cultural values that go beyond fashion and style and have become a part of the fabric of the culture of civilization as we know it today.

What is in the Name?

Indigo was considered precious during ancient times and was an important trading commodity. In the west, Indigo was used exclusively for royal clothes. so there is an inherent element of luxury to the color Indigo. 

The Paisley is a shape that originated in ancient Babylonia and has become synonymous with the bohemian spirit. It was popularized in Europe by the colonialists (British, French, Spanish) who integrated it in their design aesthetics, much like the Asian subcontinent that embraced the paisley brought to them by the Persians. 

A combination of the two – Indigo and Paisley – is thus a coming together of luxury and exclusivity for the serial escapist. 


All our styles are exclusively designed in-house and responsibly made in India by skilled artisans. We use high-quality fabrics for ultimate wearer comforts and intricate embroidery methods to enhance the beauty of each product

Our Sourcing Partner

All our products are sourced through our sourcing partner TrendQuo Global Sourcing Partner Inc.

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