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Indigo Paisley

Exfoliating Bath Mitt Natural Plant Based

Exfoliating Bath Mitt Natural Plant Based

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Primary colour

Made from naturally sourced jute or hemp. No artificial elements means you can rejuvenate your skin organically. Environmental Friendly and recyclable.

Using bath mittens supports healthy skin by removing dry skin, blemish and healthy blood supply by stimulating and messaging the skin. Remove and polish dry skin 

The elastic wrist closer keeps the mitten snugly fitted and also keeps the soap securely inside (if using as a soap saver).
Responsibility sourced and made in India

Choose form two types of texture depending your skin type and need.
1) Soft - (Color - Natural)
2) Coarse - (Color - Jute)


- Use on dry skin before shower to remove more dead skin
- These bath mittens will help keep your skin smooth and reduce dry skin during shower.
- Use as a soap saver while in shower. Place the bar soap inside the mitten and use as a body scrubber

Wash Care

- Store in Dry place.
- DO NOT hang dry, this will de-shape the mitten
- DO NOT Keep it wet for longer period of time
- DO NOT machine wash or tumble dry.
- DO NOT use with bleach or harsh chemicals

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