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Set of 3 Bathing Accessories

Set of 3 Bathing Accessories

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Primary colour
Natural bath accessories set of 3. All products are reusable

1) Jute (Coarse) or Hemp (Soft) Bath Mitt
2) Jute (Coarse) or Hemp (Soft) Soap Saver plus body scrubber
3) Hemp Cotton Washcloth

Using bath mittens supports healthy skin by removing dry skin, blemish and healthy blood supply* by stimulating and messaging the skin.
The elastic wrist closer keeps the mitten snugly fitted and also keeps the soap securely inside (if using as a soap saver).
Responsibility sourced and made in India

Our bathing accessories are created from natural materials without any chemical components, which has many advantages :
1.Good use feeling: The materials such as Luffa is tough in texture when is dry, which contains many fine holes, each small fiber is hollow tube, so it has a very strong adsorption effect on oil, dirt, some chemicals, dead skin, etc.
2.Strong cleaning ability: take away the dirt from the body in the process of friction with the skin.
3.Alleviate the physical diseases: long-term use of natural bath accessories help people relieve physical discomfort, such as body edema, dryness.
4. Environmental protection: easy degradation and no pollution.

Before use, rinse in warm water and it will soften to a luxurious feeling exfoliated. Do not put it in the dryer or microwave, just let it air dry.


Made from naturally sourced jute or hemp. No artificial elements means you can rejuvenate your skin organically. Environmental Friendly and recyclable.

Wash Care

- Store in Dry place.
- DO NOT hang dry, this will de-shape the mitten
- DO NOT Keep it wet for longer period of time
- DO NOT machine wash or tumble dry.
- DO NOT use with bleach or harsh chemicals

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