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About Us

The luxury resortwear brand – Indigo Paisley – is the enthralling tale of Sonali’s journey through diverse cultures.

She is a designer from India who is a passionate traveler and loves expressing her experiences with diverse cultures, experiences, and lifestyle through Indigo Paisley. A free spirit, journeying across space and time, her ability to convert modern design ideas through traditional textile arts as well as embroidery and other surface ornamentation techniques which are becoming rare in modern world.

Sonali’s career was profoundly inspired by her time spent in Milan, which is the Mecca of fashion and all things luxury and exotic, working with some of the biggest names in the fashion industry. Things such as color, movement, and energy were experienced differently, interwoven into a distinct vision of the woman who brings home a piece of creativity from her worldly explorations.

A free-spirited woman inspired by travel, culture & arts, Sonali wants to reach out to women with the same beautiful spirit, using the elaborate arts to bring to life the already fading masterpieces of embroidery and indigenous textiles.

Sonali made the brand, Indigo Paisley deep-rooted on what women need most – the need for something unique, something meaningful. Her philosophy – to translate this through the exploration of traditional textiles and the use of embellishment techniques that have been passed down the generations.

With beautifully designed timeless pieces made from natural fabrics, Sonali engraved the core of her philosophy; freedom, eternal magnificence and a spirit that is endlessly expressive. Indigo Paisley is a brand that she created to celebrate women, the continuous evolution of the chic in you, and your passion for arts and craft. 

Indigo Paisley is a blend of romance and being an adventurous free-spirit. The curves, colors, and movements of Indigo Paisley, when swayed at the allure of the independent woman it adorns, accentuates everything luxury, superior, unique, comfortable, and beautiful. 

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