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The Cork Massage Ball is made from naturally sourced sustainable Eco friendly cork from India. It is non toxic and skin friendly. Each ball comes in a 100% Cotton canvas drawstring carry pouch


The Cork Massage Ball is such a versatile and simple way to self massage. Four ways to use your Indigo Paisley Cork Massage Ball

1. Pop the ball under your hip. This can help relieve tight hips and reduce lower back pain. If you sit at a desk, in a car or on a couch chances are, your hips are tight which is making your lower back sore.

2. The thumb. Place the ball into the fleshy part of your them and use your body wait to increase the pressure. This is perfect for people who use their hands a lot such as typing, using a mobile phone or even massage therapists.

3. The soles of the feet. Releasing the feet can improve your posture and decrease pain further up your body. If you have tight feet it could mean your body if compensating further up the chain. Releasing this can help decrease that pain. This is especially important for people who wear shoes... so everyone.

4. The chest. Push the ball into the fleshy part of your chest and do small circles. This is great for any one struggling with up neck and back tightness. Releasing the chest can set your shoulders back and help you stand taller. Most people to work with their hands in front of their body. if this is you, make sure you do this regularly.


Non Toxic Naturally Sourced Cork From India With Cotton Canvas Carry Pouch

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